Downgrade your G1/Dream Android Phone


At the time of this writing, you’re practically guaranteed to have a version of the Android build that removes the rooting system flaw. Because of this, we are in need of downgrading to a version that is suitable for allowing us to root our phones.


Rooting your G1/Dream Android Phone


Truth be told, this is just an introduction to what I’m going to discuss. I just figured I’d get your attention.

Now that I have it, I’ll briefly cover the different topics that the following posts will include, but not limited to:

SSH Keys and auto-login


If you look around on the web, most descriptions of how to get SSH Keys setup are really verbose, and in particular, assume you know everything about everything… This is typically NOT the case.

I’m going to attempt to explain how to automatically log in from one PC to another with SSH client and server, and on windows using PuTTY and puttygen.exe.


Setting up an SSH Tunnel as a Proxy


There are 2 primary reasons you would want to SSH Tunnel:

  • You are being blocked by a proxy at work, university, or some other controlled network.
  • You want increased security over the wire.

When setting up an ssh tunnel, you’re merely routing traffic through a specific address and port. Seems pretty simple, and it really is, but you need to understand each part individually.


Start your engines


This blog will host a bunch of tidbits I come across among many facets of life.

  • Technology
  • Development
  • Carpentry
  • And More!

Stay tuned to more crap as I spew it from wherever I get it!

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