Adventures in Splicing an HDMI Cable


We just purchased our home here in Austin, Texas, and were super stoked to find out that the WHOLE house was wired for audio.

The downside was that once we built out shelves, mounted the TV, and set up all the equipment that the male adapter of the HDMI routed through the wall was – well… f@*kd.

I didn’t find any thorough, clear, and effective approaches of splicing an HDMI cable, so I’ve decided to log and then blog my efforts!


Amazon FireTV Stick Review


So I know some of you have heard of my pending posts (yeah… I’m still working on them… sorta)…

But I just simply had to post this!


The Playbook, by RIM


So, I partook in the free Playbook offer sponsored by RIM, and developed a few applications for it.

This post is NOT about my apps, but rather touches on the process, as well as what I think about the Playbook as a device, and platform.

A Plea to Developers and Markets


-or- How not to cruddy up our Markets…

Yeah… This is a rant guys… If you don’t agree, tell me – but take rude comments elsewhere. Comments will be open for as long as I can tolerate it (assuming anyone comments at all).

Get ready for a long read – and a lot of personal frustration; this won’t be pretty…

Entering the Tablet Ring: PlayBook, from RIM


As a current Flash/Flex developer, I’m constantly looking for new toys that will allow me to publish products to their platforms – and we just got a new contender.

The PlayBook – a tablet forthcoming by way of RIM, a business-centric renowned mobile device company, and is looking at developers to help catapult their product into the limelight.


Format yo-self, fool!


I wanted to take just a short time out to discuss (read: rant) something that is near and dear to my heart.


Start your engines


This blog will host a bunch of tidbits I come across among many facets of life.

  • Technology
  • Development
  • Carpentry
  • And More!

Stay tuned to more crap as I spew it from wherever I get it!

Oh, and if you’re looking for my ZendCon blog, you can find it here: http://killerspazatzendcon.blogspot.com

I’ve also added Syntax highlighting to the page!!!

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