I like to play with a lot of different technologies. I’m a developer by nature, but also like to play with system administration, as well as tinker with electronics. When I’m not developing, I like to play games, music, and hang with friends.

Most of my experience is with Enterprise PHP, developing complex systems for retail and marketing departments of large corporations.  As of late, I’ve been focused on Flex and Flash, and how it can best be utilized to deliver rich content to users.

I’ve used many different technologies such as: Perl, PHP, Zend Framework, Flash, Flex, HTML/JavaScript, MySQL/PostgreSql/Oracle DBMS, and many others.

I’m a VERY strong advocate of Android, and constantly am flashing modded roms to my phone.

I prefer Linux as my platform (specifically Ubuntu/Debian and Gentoo), but also like Windows XP and Win7. I’m about as anti-Apple as one can get!
Anything else you need to know, shoot me an email!


  • M.D. Ward (4 years)

    Hay Bud,
    Although I am a strong proponent of Occams Razor, there is no doubt that Mr. Occam never came accross a new 70′ HDMI cable with Redmere technology driving a part of a 60k home entertainment system which the owner (yea verily, it is I) busted the end off slicker than a twin peckered donkey in a whorehouse.
    Having written, It would be remiss of me for not expressing, sincerely, my deep gratitude for the hours you obviously spent collating the solution to what countless of us plebes, neophytes, even technological bootlickers have been searching for admist many moons of wandering through a “please explain what the “F” all this technology is and how to repair the simplest crap without a programmers explanation that nobody understands” desert for years. My sincere thanks,

    Big Wave Dave

    • killerspaz (4 years)

      Hahaha thank you for the kind words!

      It’s very rewarding to hear your efforts face helped someone else!

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